Shangsen Chemical will take "honesty, rigour and excellence" as the core value, wholeheartedly serve you and help you realize the expansion of new fields. Shangsen Chemical realizes your ideal of non stick coating!
What you need is a partner who can plan strategies when it comes to your products, processes and customer problems. We are professional in the fields of non stick resin technology and non stick coating application. We have accumulated lots of experience and professional knowledge to serve you at any time to improve product quality and profit.


We always maintain a frank attitude towards customers, when we know a thing, to hold that we know it; and when we do not know a thing, to say that we do not know it, and then create higher value for customers within our ability. At the same time, improve their competitiveness.


Professional non stick resin manufacturing, rigorous manufacturing attitude and consistent product quality ensure that you can get reliable solutions and process suggestions to minimize the possible risks to customers, employees and the environment. At the same time, the rigorous service attitude ensures that customers get consistent technical support in the process of production and use.


Real wisdom comes from practice, and real excellence comes from responsibility. We deeply feel that the responsibility is more important than Mount Tai. We are committed to the sustainable development model and move forward in a down-to-earth and steady manner.