EP-510 silicone modified resin


Physical properties: 

        Slight yellow or colorless transparent viscous liquid

        Solid content (150×20min)      60±2%

        Silicon content                             60%

        Adhesion                                     100/100

        Viscosity                                      200-1500 (cPs, 25)

        Solvent                                        PMA, etc.


      1. Heat resistance, water resistance, chemical resistance

      2. Good adhesion, toughness and wear resistance, impact resistance

      3. Electrical insulation and weather resistance, gloss retention and chalking resistance

      4. High corrosion resistance

Main use:

       1. Coatings used in highly corrosive environments

       2. Corrosion resistant coatings such as: engine exhaust pipe

       3. Wear-resistant coating

Storage Keep away from fire, in a cool, dry and ventilated place, avoid direct sunlight, and store in a sealed room at room temperature. The storage period is 1 year.

Safety Handle with care and avoid direct contact with eyes and skin. Please refer to MSDS for other information