S-516 silicone modified resin




        1. Heat resistance, water resistance, chemical resistance

        2. Good adhesion, tough and wear-resistant

        3. Electrical insulation and weather resistance, gloss retention and chalking resistance.


The main purpose:

        1. Nonstick coating

        2. Heat-resistant paint

        3. Home appliance coating

        4. Engine protective coating

        5. Protective decorative coatings for high temperature applications


Resin specifications:


        Appearance: light yellow or colorless transparent viscous liquid

        Silicon content:       30.0%

        Solid content:         60.0%±2.0 (150×30min)

        Viscosity:                  1200-2400(cP·s,25)

        Solvent:                  PMA, etc.


Recommended formula:

SR-5160:                  65.0

Carbon black:            8.1

BYK-163:                  0.9

BaSO4:                     6.0

Organic bentonite:    1.0

Silicone oil:               1.0

Butyl ester:              13.0

CAC:                         5.0

Total:                       100.0

The recommended solvents are: BAC, MEK, CYC, etc.